Let Sleuth Escape Rooms 

Help You Celebrate!

Is Now Hiring

Are you trapped trying to come up with something new and different

for your holiday office party and get-togethers?

 Sleuth Escape Rooms has your solution!
A Sleuth Escape Experience is perfect for groups of any size.

A member of our staff would be happy to give you more details

and tailor a night to fit your holiday celebrate needs.

              Email us at sleuthescaperooms@gmail.com or call (308) 455-3381.                 

 Please include contact information, date of your event, and the name of your office or business
Don't wait! Time is running out!  Make your reservation today so you don't end up on the naughty list!

​Events & Announcements!! 

Are you a fan of escape rooms, have great people skills, and free most weekends?

Sleuth Escape Rooms is now hiring for a part-time position for Game Master.

Please fill out the application PDF and email it to us at sleuthescaperooms@gmail.com,

 - or -

Download the pdf, run it off, fill it out, and drop it at Sleuth Escape Rooms 204 East 25th St. , Suite #5, Kearney, NE

Direct questions to us via:

email at sleuthescaperooms@gmail.com

message us on our Facebook page

​call:  (308) 455-3381

** Applicants must be 18 years of age or older **

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Sleuth Escape Rooms

Call us at (308) 455-3381 or email us at sleuthescaperooms@gmail.com

so we can help you plan that special escape!

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Celebrating something special?  

Let us know who or what is being celebrated so we can leave a celebratory or personal note for a that certain person, team, or company.

Looking for a new and different way to celebrate that special occasion or get-together?

Sleuth Escape Rooms  is the perfect venue for a new or unique twist!