**Please Read Carefully**

Guideline #5: There will only be one group in the building at any given time.

By running each room scenario only one time per day, we can ensure that there will only be one group in the building at any given time during business hours.

When we do this, we can get a group out of the building and sanitize shared space before our next group arrives.

Guideline #2: Masks must be worn in the appropriate fashion before exiting the room, and until exiting the building.

If people in your group chose to remove the masks during the run of your room, masks must be put back on before the door is opened and worn until you exit the building.

before making your reservation

Guideline #3: All bookings must be made online.

To cutdown on the amount of contact between people coming and going, we are asking that all bookings be made online.

That means payments will also have to be completed online.  Doing this will cut down on passing of credit cards or cash, and ensure that you can get into the room more quickly.  These practices will cut down on the chance of viral exposure.

Please read carefully:

Sleuth Escape Rooms'

Again, these changes are temporary and will change gradually as we know more about how to keep everyone safe from COVID-19.
Please read carefully and reach out to us with questions or concerns via Facebook Messenger or email at sleuthescaperooms@gmail.com.

Guideline #1: All patrons must wear a mask in the appropriate fashion BEFORE entering the building.

Masks must be worn until patrons enter the designated room. Masks can be removed only after you have entered the room and the door is closed.  Please keep in mind, if your party is comprised of people who have NOT been around each other for some time, such as a group of friends or family from other places, it might be advisable to wear masks the entire time.

Guideline #4: At this time, each room will be run only ONE time per day.

What does this mean?   It means each room scenario will be run only one time on each of the days we are open. So, for example, "When Alice Fell" will run at 7:00 pm on Fridays, 8:00 pm on Saturdays, and 12:00 pm (noon) on Sundays. Doing this will ensure we can throroughly sanitize each room between uses. You'll notice we also changed the run time each day so that the run time is a bit more flexible for our patrons.

Safety Guidelines

Guideline #6: We cannot take any walk-in's at this time.

Though in the past we have worked to accommodate people who walk in, as we ease back into our reopen, we regret that we cannot take any walk-ins.

If we did, we could not ensure any of the before mentioned safety guidelines that we have worked to put in place to keep everyone as safe as possible.  We thank you for your cooperation in helping us keep everyone safe.