Da Vinci's Secret

Success Rate with "No Clues"  2%

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Sleuth Escape Rooms

Knucklehead Garage

Grandma Gert has done it again!  A little too eager to get her car back from repairs, she's run it through the wall at Knucklehead Garage!  Larry, the manager, has managed to hide the keys away from her, but can't seem to remember where he put them!  Can you help the crew at Knucklehead find the keys before Grannie does?

Knucklehead Garage

Success Rate with "No Clues"  0%

 "Da Vinci's Secret" bookings are available on line for up to 8 people per time slot. If you would like to bring additional participants, please contact us so we can accommodate your needs.

Price $20 per person

Uncle George's Bomb Bunker

For hundreds of years  Ludovico Sforva of Milan, one of the first patrons of Leonardo da Vinci, has been guarding a secret - the blueprint of the greatest invention ever created by da Vinci.  Due to the sudden death of Bernardino, the current patriarch of the Sforva family, his son Marco has reached out to you to help solve the puzzles put in place by the family to closely guard this incredible secret. You have one hour  before the authorities arrive to confiscate this treasure.

Good Luck!

Is the "A" bomb on it’s way? You are safely tucked away in Uncle George's shelter. You realize  paranoid Uncle George has everything coded and locked up tight.  The radio states it’s all clear, BUT HOW DO YOU GET OUT!  You need to find the walkie talkie to call for help.